"Estelle" Ranran Zhu Mi


I am a PhD candidate in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at UW-Madison, under Dr. Dhavan Shah and Dr. Catalina Toma as my co-advisors. My research emphasis is computer-mediated communication and health, primarily focusing on behavioral change and intervention.

I'm currently pursuing two lines of research: (1) to examine how health technology enhances communication and shapes user’s cognitions and behaviors, specifically in the context of critical care transitions and health campaigns; (2) to study problematic media use and investigate its antecedents, dynamics and outcomes related to well-being.

I have a strong interest in conducting interdisciplinary research among communication, public health and social psychology. While pursing PhD at UW-Madison, I have been involved in different research groups including Health Information Technology Studies (HITS), Social Media Lab, in addition to previous research experience of assisting NIH funded clinical trials in the School of Medicine and Public Health. My work has been published in both communication and medicine journals.


PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2021, expected)

MA, Washington State University (2015)

BA, Zhejiang University (2013)

Areas of Research

Health communication

Computer-mediated communication

Health information technology

Randomized controlled trial

Behavioral intervention

Media psychology

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"Estelle" Ranran Z. Mi

PhD Candidate & Teaching Assistant

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

University of Wisconsin-Madison