"Estelle" Ranran Zhu Mi

Research Positions

Graduate Research Assistant/Honorary Research Associate (2015-2020)

  • Department of Emergency Department

  • UW School of Medicine and Public Health, UW-Madison

  • Data management and analysis for NIH funded clinical trials

Project technician (2014)

  • “Great Plays” research project (a field experiment for risky drinking prevention)

  • Washington State University

Lab & Research Group

Health Information Technology Studies (HITS) (2015-present)

  • Under Dr. Dhavan Shah

  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication, UW-Madison

  • Affiliated with Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies (CHESS)

  • Collaborating on Seva project (an addiction recovery support app)

Social Media Lab (2017-present)

  • Under Dr. Catalina Toma

  • Department of Communication Arts, UW-Madison

  • Lead the design and data collection for media task-switching project

  • Research mentor for 10 undergraduate research assistants

Multitasking Research Lab (2013-2015)

  • Under Dr. Prabu David

  • Washington State University

  • Collected data for thesis project